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FR4 CNC Machining

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FR4 CNC Machining

FR-4 is the code name of a flame-resistant material grade, which means that the resin material must be able to extinguish itself after the burning state. However, most of them are composite materials made of so-called Tera-Function epoxy resin with filler and glass fiber.

FR-4 Epoxy Glass Cloth laminate, according to the use of different applications, the industry is generally known as FR-4 Epoxy Glass Cloth, insulation board, epoxy board, epoxy resin board, brominated epoxy resin board, FR-4, glass fiber board, glass fiber board, FR-4 reinforcement board, FPC reinforcement board, flexible circuit board reinforcement board, FR-4 epoxy resin board, flame retardant insulation board, FR-4 laminate, epoxy board, epoxy board. 4 laminate, epoxy board, FR-4 optical board, FR-4 glass fiber board, epoxy glass cloth board, epoxy glass cloth laminate, circuit board drilling pad. Main technical features and applications: stable electrical insulation properties , good flatness, smooth surface, no pits, standard thickness tolerance, suitable for application in products with high-performance electronic insulation requirements, such as FPC reinforcement board, PCB drilling mat board, glass fiber meson, potentiometer carbon film printed glass fiber board, precision wandering star gear (wafer grinding), precision test plate, electrical (electrical) equipment insulation spacer, insulation mat board, transformer insulating board, transformer insulating board, electrical insulation mat board, electrical insulation board. Insulation mat board, transformer insulation board, motor insulation parts, grinding gear, electronic switch insulation board, etc.

Mechanical properties

Vertical bending strength A: Normal: E-1/150, 150±5℃≥340Mpa

Parallel laminar impact strength (simply supported beam method): ≥ 230KJ/m

Insulation resistance after water immersion (D-24/23): ≥ 5.0×108Ω

Vertical layer to electrical strength (in 90 ± 2 ℃ transformer oil, plate thickness of 1mm): ≥ 14.2MV / m

Parallel layer breakdown voltage (in 90 ± 2 ℃ transformer oil): ≥ 40KV

Relative dielectric constant (50Hz): ≤5.5

Relative permittivity (1MHz): ≤5.5

Dielectric loss factor (50Hz): ≤0.04

Dielectric loss factor (1MHz): ≤0.04

Water absorption (D-24/23, plate thickness 1.6mm): ≤19mg

Density: 1.70-1.90g/cm³

Flammability: FV0

Heat treatment

Melting point of FR-4 process press board (203℃)

High chemical resistance

Low loss coefficient (Df 0.0025)

Stable and low dielectric constant (Dk 2.35)

Thermoplastic material



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